Gnome/Linux Toggle Desktop Shortcut Key Ubuntu or popOS

I've installed multiple Linux distros using Gnome desktops recently and there is a very important shortcut key that is not configured in some distros like PopOS.

The specific missing configuration I'm going to speak about is the "Toggle Windows to Desktop" shortcut. In PopOS this shortcut key is not configured. It took me a few minutes, which was more than I expected to spend, researching this and the solution wasn't as easily found as easily as I thought it should be so I'm recording this here for others + myself.

To configure the Windows to Desktop toggling functionality into a shortcut key in PopOS:
  • Open Settings
  • Click > Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Find the Navigation section
  • Click > Hide all normal windows
  • Press the Super and D keys simultaneously (Super key aka Windows Key or Command Key on Mac hardware)
  • Test this config. You should see the Windows toggling up and down every with every Super + D key press
You have now configured your OS to toggle windows up and down giving you fast access to your desktop.