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Pimp'n APIs at PhillyCodefest Drexel University
Now I've been evangelizing technology for most of my career & I can't remember a time that I felt as passionate about technology as I have been in the past few years.

The tech scene is on fire again and I 'm enjoying all of it.  Innovations in hardware & software are occurring faster than ever and their foot print is impacting our lives.  In the advent of all this innovation I'd like give a shout out to the RESTFUL APIs.  RESTFUL API's have truly redefined the way we access & interact with data.

Prior to REST APIs data was locked up behind our firewalls in some private database only to be shared & released to users on our private intranets using some outdated & usually home grown user un-friendly app.  That valuable data was sometimes let out to play, embedded in a hard to find & hard to maintain html file.  Organizations are sitting on data that they may not seem relevant to their specific use cases but in reality that same data, if made publicly, is extremely useful given the appropriate context.

Fast forward to present day... REST APIs are providing the modern day developer digital plumbing and access to that once imprisoned valuable data.  REST APIs are enabling developers to build the next evolution of apps which showcase the data like never before because after all data == information & information is the heart of most apps.

In closing I want to encourage developers to continue the innovations in building & using these awesome REST APIs because they're definitely changing the status quo in technology.  I also want to encourage developers to build apps that push the current  boundaries of REST APIs which should provoke evolution in future generations of APIs & data share concepts.

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  1. Do you have video for any of your talks?

  2. Nah man I'm camera shy. Actually I've given many talks in front of cameras at diff events but I've never seen a video of any of them anywhere. I'll def let you know if I find any out there on the interwebs


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