Me & Windows 10

I've been using open source for most of my professional career & recently I've switched to Windows 10 to quell my curiosity.  I've been known to openly shit on closed proprietary software & those opinions haven't changed much.  My preference is Linux but these days I find my self hacking on OSX due to my current gig's work load & the nature of my current projects.

I just purchased a "new" used Dell laptop & decided to throw Windows 10 on it & give it a try.  I've been using it exclusively for about 2 weeks now and have to say that I like it so far.

It def has a much better feel regarding UX  than Windows 8 & I find myself not really bothered by annoying things I experienced in prev versions of the OS.

Having said this I've had to hack the shit out of Windows 10 in order to get it to a usable state where I can function in my normal day to day capacity.

Some of the things that I did to make using Windows 10 bearable were:

Overall Windows 10 is better than it's predecessors but really is still a non open sourced OS and that is still a HUGE problem for me.  Even if Microsoft gave it to me for free I still have issues with it being closed & proprietary.

 As for using it as a day to day OS it is usable but it still is Windows & not Linux which is where I'm most comfortable. So YMMV when using Windows 10 but it functions just fine for the moment.

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  1. hey dude, you're right the win10 team did a great job with this new release,is fluent and confortable, I was using this for technical review even with some bugs it was amazing, now I've switched to OSX but I miss the win10 interface. the tortoise to admin git is pretty awesome I recommend you this tool.

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