Can You Tell Me How to get... How to get to to N3rd St?

A few weeks ago the city of Philadelphia passed an awesome resolution to officially rename North 3rd Street, between Market Street and Girard Avenue, to “N3rd Street” (pronounced “nerd”).

When I  read the first article a few weeks ago it took me a minute to remember where I first heard & saw the expression "N3rd St" and then it clicked.  I first encountered "N3rd St" in a tech meetup at N3rd St HQ... DevNuts in Philadelphia over 3 years ago.  The term "N3rd St" was plastered all over the walls at DevNuts.  The team at DevNuts & JarvUs definitely had a hand in renaming N. 3rd St.  They're always on point innovating in the Philadelphia tech community.  They continuously contribute to the community & they really do represent "Change" in Philadelphia from many aspects.  Big ups to "The Mighty" Chris Alfano, his team & others for their efforts in giving us N3rd St.

If you're ever in Philly visiting, you should def visit N3rd St even if it's just to take pic under the sign. Check out the new N3rd St wiki to find out more.