Prezpoll App Results

Well the U.S. Presidential Elections are now over and we have a clear winner. Congratulations President Barack Obama!

I must admit I am a little disappointed in the very low participation & results of the Prezpoll App but I also attribute this to some more critical factors.  First I did write & publish this app during a devastating storm that clobbered the North Eastern states which explains some of the low participation.  I also attribute low participation to ineffective promotion.  I hit up facebook a few times and tweeted multiple times but that didn't help.  I will definitely be more focused on promotional strategies in future applications.

As far as the results are concerned I was shocked at the huge margin Obama had over Romney.  I thought it would have been a bit closer than what the results show.  It was a fun experiment and the poll did predict the winner so I guess it somewhat reflects what the public was feeling.

Thanks to those who participated and if you want to see the results take a look here:

I also want to give big props to Python, 10Gen & Red Hat for providing all of the free & open source technologies used in this app.

thx for reading